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Word: freq index 23106
fùyàn to attend a banquet

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        quánlìyǐfù, to do at all costs/to make an all-out effort
        fù, to go/to visit (e.g. another country)/to attend (a banquet etc)
        fùtāngdǎohuǒ, [赴湯蹈火], to go through water and tread on fire (idiom); not afraid of any difficulty
        fùyuē, [赴約], to keep an appointment
        fùyàn, to attend a banquet
        bēnfù, to rush to/to hurry to
        gǎnfù, [趕赴], to hurry/to rush
        kāifù, [開赴], (of troops) to depart for/to head for
        qiánfùhòujì, [前赴後繼], to advance dauntlessly in wave upon wave (idiom)
        fùrèn, to travel to take up a new post
        dāndāofùhuì, [單刀赴會], lit. to go among enemies with only one's sword (idiom)/fig. to go alone into ene...

        yànhuì, [宴會], banquet/feast/dinner party/CL:席[xí],個|个[gè]
        wǎnyàn, banquet/dinner party/soiree
        shèngyàn, feast
        yàn, [醼], feast/repose, variant of 宴[yàn]
        hūnyàn, wedding reception
        yànxí, banquet/feast
        wǔyàn, lunch banquet
        fùyàn, to attend a banquet
        jiǔyàn, feast/repose
        yànhuìtīng, [宴會廳], ballroom/banqueting hall
        guóyàn, [國宴], state banquet
        yànqǐng, [宴請], to entertain (for dinner)/to invite to dinner
        Kǎyàn, Cayenne, capital of French Guiana
        huānyàn, [歡宴], feast/celebration
        xǐyàn, wedding banquet
鸿         HóngménYàn, [鴻門宴], Feast at Hongmen/(fig.) banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest/refers ...

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