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Word: freq index 58860
tàkān to go and inspect (a site)
to do an on-site survey

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        tā/tà, see 踏實|踏实[tā shi], to tread/to stamp/to step on/to press a pedal/to investigate ...
        tītàwǔ, tap dance
        tàbǎn, pedal (in a car, on a piano etc)/treadle/footstool/footrest/footboard
        jiàntà, [踐踏], to trample
        jiǎotàchē, [腳踏車], bicycle/bike (Tw)/CL:輛|辆[liàng]
        tāshi, [踏實], firmly-based/steady/steadfast/to have peace of mind/free from anxiety/Taiwan pr....
        jiǎotàshídì, [腳踏實地], to have one's feet firmly planted on the ground (idiom); realistic without fligh...
        tàzú, to set foot on (a foreign land etc)/to tread/(fig.) to enter (a new sphere)
        tàbù, stride/to step (on the spot)/to mark time/at a standstill
        tàjìn, [踏進], to set foot in/to tread (in or on)/to walk into
        tàshàng, to set foot on/to step on or into
        dàtàbù, in big strides/(fig.) in giant steps
        tātāshíshí, [踏踏實實], steady/steadfast
        zāotà, variant of 糟蹋[zāo tà]
        tàkān, to go and inspect (a site)/to do an on-site survey
        tàxuě, to go for a walk in the snow
        tàqīng, lit. tread the green; go for a walk in the spring (when the grass has turned gre...

        kān, to investigate/to survey/to collate
        kāncè, [勘測], to investigate/to survey
        kānchá, to reconnoiter/to explore/to survey
        kānchá, variant of 勘察[kān chá]
        kāntàn, to explore/to survey/to prospect (for oil etc)/prospecting
        tàkān, to go and inspect (a site)/to do an on-site survey
        kānwù, [勘誤], to correct printing errors
        kāndìng, to demarcate/to survey and determine

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