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Word: freq index 38380
dòuqù to amuse
to make sb laugh
to tease

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dòu, to stay/to stop/to tease (play with)/amusing/short pause in reading aloud, equiv...
        tiǎodòu, to provoke/to entice/to lure/to tantalize/to tease/to titillate
        dòuliú, to stay at/to stop over
        dòulè, [逗樂], to amuse oneself/to clown around/to provoke laughter
        dòuhào, [逗號], comma (punct.)
        dòurén, amusing/funny/entertaining
        dòuxiào, to amuse/to cause to smile/amusing
        dòuqù, to amuse/to make sb laugh/to tease
        tiǎodòuxìng, provocative/tantalizing/titillating
        dòunòng, to tease/to provoke/to play with (a child, animal etc)
        dòugén, lead comic/leading role in comic dialogue 對口相聲|对口相声[duì kǒu xiàng shēng]/to joke...
        dòuyǐn, to make fun of
        dòumènzi, [逗悶子], (dialect) to joke

        yǒuqù, interesting/fascinating/amusing
        xìngqù, [興趣], interest (desire to know about sth)/interest (thing in which one is interested)/...
        qù, interesting/to interest
        lèqù, [樂趣], delight/pleasure/joy
        fēngqù, [風趣], charm/humor/wit/humorous/witty
        qùwèi, fun/interest/delight/taste/liking/preference
        qíngqù, inclinations and interests/delight/fun/interest/appeal
        qùshì, entertaining anecdote/interesting story or incident
        gǎnxìngqù, [感興趣], to be interested
        méiqù, [沒趣], embarrassing/dull/unsatisfactory
        zhìqù, inclination/interest
        qùwén, [趣聞], funny news item/interesting anecdote
        dǎqù, to make fun of
        liǎowúshēngqù, [了無生趣], to lose all interest in life (idiom)
        dòuqù, to amuse/to make sb laugh/to tease
        shíqù, [識趣], tactful/discreet
        miàoqùhéngshēng, [妙趣橫生], endlessly interesting (idiom)/very witty
        tóngqù, qualities that delight children (e.g. bold colors in a picture, anthropomorphize...
        zìtǎoméiqù, [自討沒趣], to invite a snub/to court a rebuff
        zhīqù, to act tactfully/tactful/discreet
        ráoyǒuxìngqù, [饒有興趣], engrossing
        miàoqù, witty/clever/amusing
        xiāngyìngchéngqù, to set each other off nicely

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