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Word: freq index 17656
[郵戳] yóuchuō postmark

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yóujiàn, [郵件], mail/post/email
        yóu, [郵], post (office)/mail
        yóuxiāng, [郵箱], mailbox/post office box/email/email inbox
        yóujú, [郵局], post office/CL:家[jiā],個|个[gè]
        yóupiào, [郵票], (postage) stamp/CL:枚[méi],張|张[zhāng]
        yóuchāi, [郵差], (old) postman
        yóudìyuán, [郵遞員], mailman
        Yóubào, [郵報], Post (in the name of a newspaper)
        yóujì, [郵寄], to mail/to send by post
        yóuchuō, [郵戳], postmark
        yóuzhèng, [郵政], postal service/postal
        yóugòu, [郵購], mail order/to purchase by mail
        yóutǒng, [郵筒], mailbox/pillar box/(old) letter
        yóulún, [郵輪], ocean liner/cruise liner
        yóubiān, [郵編], postal code/zip code
        yóubāo, [郵包], postal parcel/parcel
        yóudì, [郵遞], to mail/to deliver (through the post)
        yóuchē, [郵車], mail van/mail coach
        jíyóu, [集郵], stamp collecting/philately
        yóuzhèngbiānmǎ, [郵政編碼], postal code/zip code
        yóuchuán, [郵船], mailboat/ocean liner
        yóuzhèngjú, [郵政局], post office
        yóuzī, [郵資], postage
        yóufèi, [郵費], postage
        jíyóucè, [集郵冊], stamp album/CL:本[běn]
        jìniànyóupiào, [紀念郵票], commemorative postage stamp
        tōngyóu, [通郵], to have postal communications
        yóudài, [郵袋], mailbag
        yóupǐn, [郵品], items issued by a postal service and collected by philatelists (stamps, postcard...

        chuō, to jab/to poke/to stab/to sprain/to blunt/to fuck (vulgar)/to stand sth upright
        yóuchuō, [郵戳], postmark
穿         chuōchuān, to puncture/to lay bear or expose (lies etc)
        chuōjì, [戳記], stamp/seal

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