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[釣鉤] diàogōu fishhook

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        diàoyú, [釣魚], to fish (with line and hook)/to dupe
        diào, [釣], to fish with a hook and bait
竿         diàogān, [釣竿], fishing rod/CL:根[gēn]
        diàojù, [釣具], fishing tackle
        chuídiào, [垂釣], angling
        diàogōu, [釣鉤], fishhook
        gūmíngdiàoyù, [沽名釣譽], to angle for fame (idiom)/to fish for compliments
        Diàoyútái, [釣魚臺], Diaoyu Islands, located between Taiwan and Okinawa, controlled by Japan – which ...

        gōu, [鈎]/[鉤], variant of 鉤|钩[gōu], to hook/to sew/to crochet/hook/check mark or tick/window ca...
        shànggōu, [上鉤], to take the bait
        gōuzi, [鉤子], hook
        yúgōu, [魚鉤], fishhook
        guàgōu, [掛鉤], hook (on which to hang sth)/to couple/to link together/to establish contact with...
        diàogōu, [吊鉤], suspended hook/hanging hook/hanger
        diàogōu, [釣鉤], fishhook
        tuōgōu, [脫鉤], to cut ties/to disconnect/out of touch
        dāgōu, [搭鉤], a hook/to make contact with sb
        yīgōu, [衣鉤], clothes hook

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