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饿 HSK 6 word: freq index 6246
[飢餓] jīè hunger

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Word Compounds

饿         jīè, [飢餓], hunger/starvation/famine
        jīkě, [飢渴], hungry and thirsty/(fig.) to crave (knowledge, love etc)
        jīhuāng, [饑荒], crop failure/famine/debt/difficulty
        jī, [飢]/[饑], hungry, variant of 飢|饥[jī]
        jīchánglùlù, [飢腸轆轆], stomach rumbling with hunger
        rújīsìkě, [如飢似渴], to hunger for sth (idiom); eagerly/to long for sth
        jīhánjiāopò, [飢寒交迫], beset by hunger and cold (idiom)/starving and freezing/in desperate poverty
        chōngjī, [充飢], to allay one's hunger
        huàbǐngchōngjī, [畫餅充飢], lit. to allay one's hunger using a picture of a cake/to feed on illusions (idiom...
饿         è, [餓], to be hungry/hungry/to starve (sb)
饿         jīè, [飢餓], hunger/starvation/famine
饿         áiè, [挨餓], to go hungry/to endure starvation/famished

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