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Word: freq index 5702
HSK 2 character: radical , 4 strokes, freq index 773
jiè to introduce
to lie between

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        jièyì, to care about/to take offense/to mind
        jièshào, [介紹], to introduce (sb to sb)/to give a presentation/to present (sb for a job etc)/int...
        jiè, to introduce/to lie between/between/shell/armor
        jièrù, to intervene/to get involved
        zhōngjiè, to act as intermediary/to link/intermediate/inter-/agency/agent
        jièyú, [介於], between/intermediate/to lie between
        méijiè, intermediary/vehicle/vector/medium/media
        jiǎnjiè, [簡介], summary/brief introduction
        jièzǐ, meson/mesotron (physics)
        tuījiè, promotion/to promote/to introduce and recommend
        jiècí, [介詞], preposition
        hūnjiè, matchmaking/abbr. for 婚姻介紹|婚姻介绍
        zhòngjiè, middleman/agent/broker
        jièzhì, [介質], medium/media
怀         jièhuái, [介懷], to mind/to brood over/to be concerned about
        JiǎngJièshí, [蔣介石], Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975), military leader, head of the Nationalist government...
        jièmiàn, variant of 界面[jiè miàn]/interface (computing)
        jièhū, to lie between
        kǎjièmiáo, BCG vaccine/bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine

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