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HSK 3 word: freq index 6944
HSK 3 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 2100
[傘] sǎn umbrella
[繖] sǎn damask silk
variant of 傘

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        sǎn, [傘]/[繖], umbrella/parasol/CL:把[bǎ], damask silk/variant of 傘|伞[sǎn]
        jiàngluòsǎn, [降落傘], parachute
        tiàosǎn, [跳傘], to parachute/to bail out/parachute jumping
        yǔsǎn, [雨傘], umbrella/CL:把[bǎ]
        sǎnbīng, [傘兵], paratrooper
        yángsǎn, [陽傘], parasol
        bǎohùsǎn, [保護傘], protective umbrella/fig. person affording protection (esp. corrupt)
        huáxiángsǎn, [滑翔傘], paraglider/paragliding
        sǎnjùn, [傘菌], agaric
        dǎsǎn, [打傘], to hold up an umbrella

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