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Word: freq index 17744
HSK 6 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 1562
[偽] wěi false
Taiwan pr. [wèi]
[僞] wěi variant of 偽

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        wěizhuāng, [偽裝], to fake/to feign/to pretend/living under a false identity/dressed up as/under th...
        wěizào, [偽造], to forge/to fake/to counterfeit
        xūwěi, [虛偽], false/hypocritical/artificial/sham
        wěijūnzǐ, [偽君子], hypocrite
        wěizhèng, [偽證], perjury
        wěishàn, [偽善], hypocritical
        wěi, [偽]/[僞], false/fake/forged/bogus/Taiwan pr. [wèi], variant of 偽|伪[wěi]
        wěichāo, [偽鈔], counterfeit currency
        zhēnwěi, [真偽], true or bogus/authenticity
        wěikēxué, [偽科學], pseudoscience
        wěizàopǐn, [偽造品], counterfeit object/forgery/fake
        wěiliè, [偽劣], inferior/false
        jiǎmàowěiliè, [假冒偽劣], cheap quality counterfeit (goods)/low-quality commodities

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