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Word: freq index 14110
[僧侶] sēnglǚ monk

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        sēnglǚ, [僧侶], monk
        sēng, monk/Sangha, the Buddhist monastic order
        sēngrén, monk
        gāosēng, a senior monk
        sēngduōzhōushǎo, lit. many monks and not much gruel (idiom)/fig. not enough to go around/demand e...

        bànlǚ, [伴侶], companion/mate/partner
        qínglǚ, [情侶], sweethearts/lovers
        sēnglǚ, [僧侶], monk
        lǚ, [侶], companion
        àilǚ, [愛侶], lovers

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