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HSK 5 word: freq index 11152
HSK 5 character: radical , 5 strokes, freq index 1757
[冊] book
classifier for books

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhùcè, [註冊], to register/to enroll
        shǒucè, [手冊], manual/handbook
        xiǎocèzi, [小冊子], booklet/pamphlet/leaflet/information sheet/menu/CL:本[běn]
        cè, [冊], book/booklet/classifier for books
        xiàngcè, [相冊], photo album
        shǐcè, [史冊], annals
        xuānchuáncè, [宣傳冊], commercial brochure/advertising pamphlet/flyer
        míngcè, [名冊], roll (of names)/register/CL:本[běn]
        cèzi, [冊子], a book/a volume
        huàcè, [畫冊], picture album
        cèfēng, [冊封], to confer a title upon sb/to dub/to crown/to invest with rank or title
        zhùcèbiǎo, [注冊表], Windows registry
        jíyóucè, [集郵冊], stamp album/CL:本[běn]
        diǎnmíngcè, [點名冊], register of names/attendance roll book

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