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[凍瘡] dòngchuāng frostbite

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dòng, [凍], to freeze/to feel very cold/aspic or jelly
        lěngdòng, [冷凍], to freeze/to deep-freeze
        dòngsǐ, [凍死], to freeze to death/to die off in winter
        guǒdòng, [果凍], gelatin dessert
        bīngdòng, [冰凍], to freeze
        dòngjié, [凍結], to freeze (water etc)/(fig.) to freeze (assets, prices etc)
        dòngjiāng, [凍僵], frozen stiff/numb with cold
        jiědòng, [解凍], to melt/to thaw/to defrost/fig. to relax (repression, enmity etc)
        sùdòng, [速凍], to quick-freeze
        dòngshāng, [凍傷], frostbite
        fángdòng, [防凍], antifreeze
        lěngdòngkù, [冷凍庫], freezer compartment
        shuāngdòng, [霜凍], frost/frost damage (to crop)
        dòngtǔ, [凍土], frozen earth/permafrost/tundra
        tiānhándìdòng, [天寒地凍], cold weather, frozen ground (idiom); bitterly cold
        dòngròu, [凍肉], cold or frozen meat
        dòngchuāng, [凍瘡], frostbite/chilblains
        huàdòng, [化凍], to defrost
        dòngyǔ, [凍雨], sleet
        dònghài, [凍害], (agriculture) freezing injury

        zhìchuāng, [痔瘡], hemorrhoid
        chuāng, [瘡], sore/skin ulcer
        qiānchuāngbǎikǒng, [千瘡百孔], see 百孔千瘡|百孔千疮[bǎi kǒng qiān chuāng]
        chuāngbā, [瘡疤], scar
        cuóchuāng, [痤瘡], acne
        rùchuāng, [褥瘡], bedsore
        jièchuāng, [疥瘡], scabies/welts
        dòngchuāng, [凍瘡], frostbite/chilblains
        kǒuchuāng, [口瘡], mouth ulcer

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