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qīqī cold and dismal

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        qīliáng, [淒涼], desolate
        qīcǎn, [悽慘], plaintive/mournful/miserable
        qī, [悽]/[淒], intense cold/frigid/dismal/grim/bleak/sad/mournful/also written 淒|凄[qī], variant...
        qīlì, [凄厲]/[淒厲], mournful (sound), variant of 凄厲|凄厉[qī lì]
        qīměi, [淒美], poignant/sad and beautiful
        qīkǔ, bleak/miserable
        qīqīng, somber/cheerless

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