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Word: freq index 5498
HSK 6 character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 2184
[湊] còu to gather together, pool or collect
to happen by chance
to move close to
to exploit an opportunity

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        còu, [湊], to gather together, pool or collect/to happen by chance/to move close to/to expl...
        còuhe, [湊合], to bring together/to make do in a bad situation/to just get by/to improvise/pass...
        còuqiǎo, [湊巧], fortuitously/luckily/as chance has it
        jǐncòu, [緊湊], compact/terse/tight (schedule)
        pīncòu, [拼湊], to assemble/to put together
        còurènao, [湊熱鬧], to join in the fun/to get in on the action/(fig.) to butt in/to create more trou...
        còujìn, [湊近], to approach/to lean close to
        còushù, [湊數], to serve as a stopgap/to make up a shortfall in the number of people
        còuzú, [湊足], to scrape together enough (people, money etc)
        còufènzi, [湊份子], to pool resources (for a gift, project etc)

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