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fùkān supplement

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        fù, secondary/auxiliary/deputy/assistant/vice-/abbr. for 副詞|副词 adverb/classifier for...
        fùzuòyòng, side effect
        fùběn, copy/duplicate/transcript/(in online games) instance
        quánfù, completely
        fùshǒu, assistant
        míngfùqíshí, [名副其實], not just in name only, but also in reality (idiom)
        fùguān, aide-de-camp
        fùyè, [副業], sideline/side occupation
        fùchǎnpǐn, [副產品], by-product
        fùyì, aileron (aeronautics)
        dàfù, substantially/by a big amount
        míngbùfùshí, [名不副實], the name does not reflect the reality (idiom); more in name than in fact/Reality...
        fùshípǐn, non-staple foods/(Tw) solids (food for infants other than breast milk and formul...
        fùbiāotí, [副標題], subheading/subtitle
        fùcí, [副詞], adverb
        fùjiàoshòu, associate professor (university post)
        èrfù, second officer (of ship)/second mate
        fùkān, supplement
        fùshí, non-staple food/CL:種|种[zhǒng]

        zhōukān, [週刊], weekly publication/weekly
        kāndēng, to carry a story/to publish (in a newspaper or magazine)
        qīkān, periodical
        kān, [栞], to print/to publish/publication/periodical/to peel with a knife/to carve/to amen...
        kānwù, publication
        bàokān, [報刊], newspapers and periodicals/the press
        shūkān, [書刊], books and publications
        yuèkān, monthly magazine
        jìkān, quarterly publication
        tèkān, special edition (of magazine)
        xiàokān, school magazine
        kānyìn, to set in print/to diffuse/to publish
        zēngkān, additional publication/supplement (to a newspaper)
        kānzǎi, [刊載], to publish
        chuàngkānhào, [創刊號], first issue
        chuàngkān, [創刊], to start publishing/to found a journal
        kānhào, [刊號], issue (of journal)/number
        fùkān, supplement

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