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Word: freq index 61343
diàochuāng a sash window

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        diào, [弔], to suspend/to hang up/to hang a person, a string of 100 cash (arch.)/to lament/t...
        diàosǐ, death by hanging/to hang oneself
        shàngdiào, to hang oneself
        diàoxiāo, [吊銷], to suspend (an agreement)/to revoke
        diàodài, [吊帶], suspenders/garters/shoulder strap/brace/sling
        diàoqiáo, [吊橋], drawbridge/suspension bridge
        diàochuáng, hammock
        tíxīndiàodǎn, [提心吊膽], (saying) to be very scared and on edge
        diàochē, [吊車], hoist/crane/elevator
        diàodēng, [吊燈], hanging lamp
        diàoyàn, [弔唁], to offer condolences (for the deceased)/to condole, variant of 吊唁[diào yàn]
        diàowàdài, [吊襪帶], suspenders (for stockings)
        diàoshàn, a ceiling fan/a punka
        diàosuǒ, rope tackle hanging from a mast/crow foot (system of ropes through tackle to hol...
        bàndiàozi, dabbler/smatterer/tactless and impulsive person
        diàohuán, [吊環], rings (gymnastics)
        diàogōu, [吊鉤], suspended hook/hanging hook/hanger
        diàogān, a boom (i.e. transverse beam for hanging objects)
        píngdiào, [憑弔], to visit a place for the memories/to pay homage to (the deceased)
        diàopíng, infusion bag or bottle (for an IV)
        diàochuāng, a sash window
        diàolán, [吊蘭], hanging orchid (Chlorophytum comosum)/bracket plant
        diàosǎngzi, voice training (for Chinese opera)
        dǎdiàozhēn, [打吊針], to put sb on an intravenous drip

        chuānghu, [窗戶], window/CL:個|个[gè],扇[shàn]
        chuāng, [牎]/[牕]/[窓]/[窻], old variant of 窗[chuāng], variant of 窗[chuāng], variant of 窗[chuāng], shutter/wi...
        chuāngkǒu, window/opening providing restricted access (e.g. customer service window)/comput...
        chuānglián, [窗簾], window curtains
        chuāngzi, window
        chēchuāng, [車窗], car window/window of vehicle (bus, train etc)
        chúchuāng, [櫥窗], display window
        tiānchuāng, hatchway/skylight/sun roof
        bǎiyèchuāng, [百葉窗], shutter/blind
        chuāngtái, [窗臺], window sill/window ledge
        tiěchuāng, [鐵窗], window with an iron grating (apartment etc)/barred window of a prison cell
        kāitiānchuāng, [開天窗], to leave a blank to mark censored area
        chuāngbōlí, window pane
        chuāngkuàng, window frame
        dōngchuāngshìfā, [東窗事發], (of a plot etc) to be exposed (idiom)/to come to light
        Shìchuāng/shìchuāng, [視窗], Windows (the Microsoft operating system), a window (on a computer screen)
        hánchuāng, a life of strenuous studies (idiom)
        luòdìchuāng, French window/CL:扇[shàn]
        tóngchuāng, schoolmate/fellow student
        diàochuāng, a sash window
        shāchuāng, [紗窗], screen window
        chuānglíng, [窗欞], window lattice/window frame

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