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HSK 5 word: freq index 1252
HSK 5 character: radical , 9 strokes, freq index 1389
yǎo to bite
to nip
[齩] yǎo variant of 咬[yǎo]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yǎo, [齩], to bite/to nip, variant of 咬[yǎo]
        yǎojǐnyáguān, [咬緊牙關], lit. to bite the teeth tightly (idiom); fig. to grit one's teeth and bear the pa...
        yǎoyá, to clench one's teeth/to grind the teeth/gnaw
齿         yǎoyáqièchǐ, [咬牙切齒], gnashing one's teeth (idiom); displaying extreme anger/fuming with rage between ...
        yǎodìng, to assert/to insist that
        yīkǒuyǎodìng, to arbitrarily assert/to allege/to stick to one's statement/to cling to one's vi...
        yǎohé, (of uneven surfaces) to fit together/(of gear wheels) to mesh/(dentistry) occlus...
        yǎojiáo, to chew/to masticate/to ruminate/to mull over
        yǎoniè, [咬嚙]/[咬齧], to gnaw, variant of 咬嚙|咬啮[yǎo niè]/to gnaw

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