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Word: freq index 83385
[堆棧] duīzhàn stack (computing)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        duī, to pile up/to heap up/a mass/pile/heap/stack/large amount
        lājīduī, garbage heap
        fǎnyìngduī, [反應堆], reactor
        huǒduī, bonfire/to open fire
        duīmǎn, [堆滿], to pile up
        duījī, [堆積], to pile up/to heap/accumulation
        héfǎnyìngduī, [核反應堆], nuclear reactor
        duījīrúshān, [堆積如山], to pile up like a mountain (idiom)/a mountain of (paperwork etc)/a large number ...
        duīfàng, to pile up/to stack
        duīféi, compost
        duīqì, lit. to pile up (bricks)/to pack/fig. to pad out (writing with fancy phrases)/or...
        tǔduī, mound
        duīzhàn, [堆棧], stack (computing)/storehouse/warehouse

        kèzhàn, [客棧], tavern/guest house/inn/hotel
        zhàn, [棧], a wooden or bamboo pen for sheep or cattle/wood or bamboo trestlework/a warehous...
        huòzhàn, [貨棧], warehouse
        zhàndào, [棧道], plank walkway constructed on the face of a cliff/(archaic) elevated passageway c...
        zhànqiáo, [棧橋], a pier/a landing-stage/a loading trestle for goods or passengers/a platform
        duīzhàn, [堆棧], stack (computing)/storehouse/warehouse

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