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Word: freq index 15551
HSK 6 character: radical , 5 strokes, freq index 2007
yāng center
to beg
to plead

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhōngyāng, central/middle/center/central authorities (of a state)
        yāng, center/end/to beg/to plead
        yāngqiú, to implore/to plead/to ask earnestly
        zhōngyāngjíquán, [中央集權], centralized state power
        Yāngháng/yāngháng, abbr. for various central banks, notably 中國人民銀行|中国人民银行[Zhōng guó Rén mín Yín hán...
        ZhōngyāngWěiyuánhuì, [中央委員會], Central Committee
        dǎngzhōngyāng, [黨中央], party central committee

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