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HSK 6 word: freq index 5517
[妥協] tuǒxié to compromise
to reach terms
a compromise

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        tuǒxié, [妥協], to compromise/to reach terms/a compromise
        tuǒ, suitable/adequate/ready/settled
        bùtuǒ, not proper/inappropriate
        tuǒdang, [妥當], appropriate/proper/ready
        tuǒshàn, appropriate/proper
        wěntuǒ, [穩妥], dependable
        qiàntuǒ, improper/inappropriate/unsatisfactory/inadequate
        tuǒtiē, properly/satisfactorily/firmly/very fitting/appropriate/proper/to be in good ord...

        xiéyì, [協議], agreement/pact/protocol/CL:項|项[xiàng]
        xiézhù, [協助], to provide assistance/to aid
        xiéhuì, [協會], an association/a society/CL:個|个[gè],家[jiā]
        tuǒxié, [妥協], to compromise/to reach terms/a compromise
        xiétiáo, [協調], to coordinate/to harmonize/to fit together/to match (colors etc)/harmonious/conc...
        xiédìng, [協定], agreement/accord/to reach an agreement
        xiéshāng, [協商], to consult with/to talk things over/agreement
        xié, [協], to cooperate/to harmonize/to help/to assist/to join
        qíxīnxiélì, [齊心協力], to work with a common purpose (idiom); to make concerted efforts/to pull togethe...
        xiézuò, [協作], cooperation/coordination
        xiétóng, [協同], to cooperate/in coordination with/coordinated/collaborate/collaboration/collabor...
        tóngxīnxiélì, [同心協力], to work with a common purpose (idiom); to make concerted efforts/to pull togethe...
        xiéyìshū, [協議書], contract/protocol
        xiézòuqǔ, [協奏曲], concerto
        xiétiáoyuán, [協調員], coordinator
        xiélì, [協力], to unite in common effort
        xiéhé, [協和], to harmonize/harmony/cooperation/(music) consonant
        xiéyuē, [協約], entente/pact/agreement/negotiated settlement
        xiélǐ, [協理], assistant manager/to cooperate in managing
        xiébàn, [協辦], to assist/to help sb do sth/to cooperate in doing sth
        Zúxié/zúxié, [足協], Chinese Football Association, soccer association/soccer federation/abbr. for 足球協...
        xiéyuēguó, [協約國], Allies/entente (i.e. Western powers allied to China in WW)

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