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Word: freq index 10270
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 2255
[崗] gǎng mound
policeman's beat

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gǎngwèi, [崗位], a post/a job
        gǎng, [崗], mound/policeman's beat
        zhàngǎng, [站崗], to stand guard/to serve on sentry duty
        shànggǎng, [上崗], to take up one's post/to be given a job
        xiàgǎng, [下崗], to come off sentry duty/to lay off (a worker)/laid-off
        huāgāngyán, [花崗岩], granite
        gǎngshào, [崗哨], lookout post/sentry
        huàngǎng, [換崗], to relieve a sentry/to change the guard
        ShíGǎng, [石崗], Shek Kong (area in Hong Kong)
        huāgāngshí, [花崗石], granite
        gǎnglòu, [崗樓], watchtower/observation tower/police booth
        àigǎngjìngyè, [愛崗敬業], industrious and hard-working/conscientious and meticulous
        tǔgǎng, [土崗], mound/hillock

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