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Word: freq index 23889
HSK 6 character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 1926
Chóng surname Chong
chóng high
to esteem
to worship

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chóngbài, to worship/adoration
        chónggāo, majestic/sublime
        chóngbàizhě, worshipper
        chóngshàng, to hold up (as an model)/to hold in esteem/to revere/to advocate
        chóngjìng, to revere/to venerate/high esteem
        tuīchóng, to esteem/to think highly of/to accord importance to/to revere
        Chóng/chóng, surname Chong, high/sublime/lofty/to esteem/to worship
        zūnchóng, to revere/to admire/to honor/to venerate
        Chóngyáng, [崇陽], Chongyang county in Xianning 咸寧|咸宁[Xián níng], Hubei
        chóngshānjùnlǐng, [崇山峻嶺], towering mountains and precipitous ridges (idiom)
        gèrénchóngbài, [個人崇拜], personality cult

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