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Word: freq index 9890
HSK 6 character: radical , 7 strokes, freq index 1533
xún to patrol
to make one's rounds
classifier for rounds of drinks
[廵] xún variant of 巡[xún]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xúnluó, [巡邏], to patrol (police, army or navy)
        xúnyǎn, (theater etc) to tour/to be on tour/to give itinerant performances/abbr. for 巡迴演...
        xúnhuí, [巡迴], to go around/to roam/to tour
        xúnjǐng, police officer
        xúnhuíyǎnchū, [巡迴演出], (theater etc) to tour/to be on tour/to give itinerant performances
        xún, [廵], to patrol/to make one's rounds/classifier for rounds of drinks, variant of 巡[xún...
        xúnluóduì, [巡邏隊], (army, police) patrol
        xúnyóu, [巡遊], to cruise/to patrol
        xúnshì, [巡視], to patrol/to make a tour/to inspect/to scan with one's eyes
        xúnluóchē, [巡邏車], patrol car
        xúnchá, to patrol
        xúnháng, to cruise
        xúnyángjiàn, [巡洋艦], cruiser (warship)/battle cruiser
        xúnfǔ, [巡撫], inspector-general of province in Ming and Qing times
        xúnhángdǎodàn, [巡航導彈], cruise missile
        xúnlǐ, [巡禮], to make a pilgrimage (to visit a holy site)/to go on a sightseeing tour
        xúnluótǐng, [巡邏艇], patrol boat
        chūxún, to go on an inspection tour
        xúnbǔ, to patrol/policeman (in China's former foreign concessions)

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