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Word: freq index 33106
HSK 6 character: radical 广, 11 strokes, freq index 2538
yōng ordinary
to use

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        píngyōng, mediocre/indifferent/commonplace
        yōngsú, vulgar/tacky/tawdry
        yōngyī, [庸醫], quack/charlatan
        fùyōng, vassal/dependent/subordinate/subservient/appendage
        yōngrén, mediocre person
        wúyōng, [無庸], variant of 毋庸[wú yōng]
        Zhōngyōng/zhōngyōng, the Doctrine of the Mean, one of the Four Books 四書|四书[Sì shū], golden mean (Conf...
        yōng, ordinary/to use
        yōngcái, mediocrity
        wúyōng, no need for
        yōngyōnglùlù, ordinary/mediocre
        yōnglù, mediocre/mediocre person
        hūnyōng, muddleheaded

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