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Word: freq index 10060
Character: is radical, radical freq index 85, radical , 3 strokes, freq index 2572
Gōng surname Gong
gōng a bow (weapon)
to bend
to arch (one's back etc)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Gōng/gōng, surname Gong, a bow (weapon)/CL:張|张[zhāng]/to bend/to arch (one's back etc)
        gōngjiàn, bow and arrow
        dàngōng, [彈弓], catapult/slingshot
        gōngxíng, circular segment
        nǔgōng, crossbow
        zuǒyòukāigōng, [左右開弓], lit. to shoot from both sides (idiom)/fig. to display ambidexterity/to slap with...
        jīnggōngzhīniǎo, [驚弓之鳥], lit. a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow (idiom)/fig. sb who frightens ea...

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