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[愁悶] chóumèn depressed

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        chóu, to worry about
        yōuchóu, [憂愁], to be worried
        fāchóu, [發愁], to worry/to fret/to be anxious/to become sad
        chóuméibùzhǎn, with a worried frown
        fànchóu, to worry/to be anxious
        xiāngchóu, [鄉愁], homesickness/nostalgia
        āichóu, sorrow/sadness/distressed/sorrowful
        chóukǔ, anxiety/distress
        chóuchángbǎijié, [愁腸百結], hundred knots of worry in one's intestines (idiom); weighed down with anxiety
        chóuxù, [愁緒], melancholy
        bēichóu, melancholy
        chóumèn, [愁悶], depressed/gloomy

        yùmèn, [鬱悶], gloomy/depressed
        mēn/mèn, [悶], stuffy/shut indoors/to smother/to cover tightly, bored/depressed/melancholy/seal...
        mènmènbùlè, [悶悶不樂], depressed/sulky/moody/unhappy
        chénmèn, [沉悶], oppressive (of weather)/heavy/depressed/not happy/(of sound) dull/muffled
        nàmèn, [納悶], puzzled/bewildered
        kǔmèn, [苦悶], depressed/dejected/feeling low
        mēnrè, [悶熱], sultry/sultriness/hot and stuffy/stifling hot
        jiěmèn, [解悶], to relieve boredom or melancholy/a diversion
        shēngmènqì, [生悶氣], to seethe/to sulk/to be pissed off (vulgar)
        fánmèn, [煩悶], moody/gloomy
        chóumèn, [愁悶], depressed/gloomy
        dòumènzi, [逗悶子], (dialect) to joke
        biēmen, [憋悶], to feel oppressed/to be depressed/to feel dejected

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