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Word: freq index 29028
[護膝] hùxī kneepad
knee brace

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        bǎohù, [保護], to protect/to defend/to safeguard/protection/CL:種|种[zhǒng]
        hùshi, [護士], nurse/CL:個|个[gè]
        biànhù, [辯護], to speak in defense of/to argue in favor of/to defend/to plead
        jiùhùchē, [救護車], ambulance/CL:輛|辆[liàng]
        yǎnhù, [掩護], to screen/to shield/to cover/protection/cover/CL:面[miàn]
        hù, [護], to protect
        hùzhào, [護照], passport/CL:本[běn],個|个[gè]
        wéihù, [維護], to defend/to safeguard/to protect/to uphold/to maintain
        shǒuhù, [守護], to guard/to protect
        hùlǐ, [護理], to nurse/to tend and protect
        hùsòng, [護送], to escort/to accompany
        fánghù, [防護], to defend/to protect
        jiānhù, [監護], to act as a guardian
        jiānhùquán, [監護權], custody (of a child)
        jiānhùrén, [監護人], guardian
        kānhù, [看護], to nurse/to look after/to watch over/(old) hospital nurse
        hùwèi, [護衛], to guard/to protect/bodyguard (for officials in ancient times)
        yīhù, [醫護], doctors and nurses/medic/medical (personnel)
        bìhù, [庇護], asylum/shelter/to shield/to put under protection/to take under one's wing
        jiùhù, [救護], to rescue/to administer first aid
        shǒuhùshén, [守護神], protector God/patron saint
        hùshēnfú, [護身符], amulet/protective talisman/charm
        àihù, [愛護], to cherish/to treasure/to take care of/to love and protect
        yōnghù, [擁護], to endorse/to support
        tǎnhù, [袒護], to shield (a miscreant) from punishment, criticism etc/to take sb's side
        hēhù, [呵護], to bless/to cherish/to take good care of/to conserve
        bǎohùxìng, [保護性], protective
        bǎohùqū, [保護區], conservation district/CL:個|个[gè],片[piàn]
        biànhùrén, [辯護人], defender/defending counsel
        hùmùjìng, [護目鏡], goggles/protective glasses
        bǎohùshén, [保護神], patron saint/guardian angel
        hùchénghé, [護城河], moat
        bǎohùsǎn, [保護傘], protective umbrella/fig. person affording protection (esp. corrupt)
        hùwèijiàn, [護衛艦], corvette
        hùxī, [護膝], kneepad/knee brace
        hùháng, [護航], a naval escort/to convoy
        bǎohùrén, [保護人], guardian/carer/patron
        hùduǎn, [護短], to defend sb (a relative, friend or oneself) despite knowing that that person is...
        hùfǎ, [護法], to keep the law/to protect Buddha's teachings/protector of Buddhist law (i.e. te...
        yǎnghù, [養護], to maintain/to conserve/curing (concrete etc)
        bǎohùsè, [保護色], protective coloration/camouflage
        zìránbǎohùqū, [自然保護區], nature reserve
        bǎohùzhǔyì, [保護主義], protectionism
        bǎohùguó, [保護國], protectorate
        hùfēng, [護封], dust jacket (of a book)/protective cover/document seal
        hùhángjiàn, [護航艦], escort vessel
        wéihù, [圍護], to protect from all sides

        xīgài, [膝蓋], knee/(Internet slang) to kneel down (in admiration)
        xī, [厀], old variant of 膝[xī], knee
        xīgàigǔ, [膝蓋骨], kneecap
        xīxià, at the knee (in reference to children)/(salutation used in letters to parents or...
        hùxī, [護膝], kneepad/knee brace
        cùxītánxīn, [促膝談心], to sit side-by-side and have a heart-to-heart talk (idiom)
        cùxī, lit. knees pressed close/intimate/seated side by side/in close contact

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