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Word: freq index 13417
HSK 6 character: radical , 10 strokes, freq index 2527
cuò obstructed
to fail
to oppress
to repress
to lower the tone
to bend back
to dampen

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        cuòzhé, setback/reverse/check/defeat/frustration/disappointment/to frustrate/to discoura...
        cuòbài, [挫敗], to thwart/to foil (sb's plans)/a setback/a failure/a defeat
        cuò, obstructed/to fail/to oppress/to repress/to lower the tone/to bend back/to dampe...
        shòucuò, thwarted/obstructed/setback
        cuòzhégǎn, frustration
        yìyángdùncuò, [抑揚頓挫], see 頓挫抑揚|顿挫抑扬[dùn cuò yì yáng]
        xiàcuò, (of sales, prices etc) to fall/to drop/decline/slump
        lìcuò, to win as a result of tenacious effort/to fight off tough competition

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