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HSK 6 word: freq index 9275
[描繪] miáohuì to describe
to portray

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        miáoshù, to describe/description
        sǎomiáo, [掃描], to scan
        miáohuì, [描繪], to describe/to portray
        miáoxiě, [描寫], to describe/to depict/to portray/description
        sǎomiáoyí, [掃描儀], scanner (device)
        sùmiáo, sketch
        sǎomiáoqì, [掃描器], scanner
        miáo, to depict/to trace (a drawing)/to copy/to touch up
        qīngmiáodànxiě, [輕描淡寫], to sketch in light shades/to play down/to deemphasize (idiom)
        miáohuà, [描畫], to draw/to describe
        miáotú, [描圖], to trace

        miáohuì, [描繪], to describe/to portray
        huì, [繪], to draw/to paint
        huìhuà, [繪畫], drawing/painting
        huìzhì, [繪製], to draw/to draft
        huìtú, [繪圖], to draw/to draft/drawing/drafting
        cǎihuì, [彩繪], painted/colored painted-on designs
        cèhuì, [測繪], to survey and draw/to map

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