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Word: freq index 35228
wòquán to make a fist

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhǎngwò, to grasp (often fig.)/to control/to seize (initiative, opportunity, destiny)/to ...
        wò, to hold/to grasp/to clench (one's fist)/to master/classifier: a handful
        bǎwò, to grasp (also fig.)/to seize/to hold/assurance/certainty/sure (of the outcome)
        wòshǒu, to shake hands
        wòzhù, to grip/to hold
        zàiwò, (fig.) to hold in one's hands/to be within grasp
        wòyǒu, to grasp and own/to hold (power)
        jǐnwò, [緊握], to hold firmly, not let go
        wòquán, to make a fist
        wòlì, (strength of one's) grip
        wòbié, [握別], to shake hands

        quán, fist/boxing
        quánjī, [拳擊], boxing
        quántou, [拳頭], fist/clenched fist/CL:個|个[gè]/competitive (product)
        quánwáng, boxing champion
        quánjīshǒu, [拳擊手], boxer
        quánshǒu, boxer
        táiquándào, taekwondo (Korean martial art)
        dǎquán, to do shadowboxing
        quánjiǎo, [拳腳], Chinese boxing/fist and feet/punching and kicking
        chìshǒukōngquán, empty hand, empty fist (idiom); having nothing to rely on/unarmed and defenseles...
        Tiěquán, [鐵拳], Tekken (video game)
        cāiquán, finger-guessing game/rock-paper-scissors game/morra
        quánfǎ, boxing/fighting technique
        wòquán, to make a fist
        móquáncāzhǎng, fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms (idiom)/to roll up one's sleeves fo...
        quándǎjiǎotī, [拳打腳踢], lit. to punch and kick (idiom); to beat up/fig. determined to sort out a problem
        huāquán, showy boxing of no practical use/see 花拳繡腿|花拳绣腿
        quánshù, [拳術], Chinese boxing/fisticuffs
        tàijíquán, [太極拳], shadowboxing or Taiji, T'aichi or T'aichichuan/traditional form of physical exer...
        quánshī, [拳師], boxing coach/pugilist master
        hóuquán, Hou Quan - "Monkey Fist" - Martial Art
        chángquán, [長拳], Changquan - Northern Shaolin (北少林) - Longfist - Martial Art
        huáquán, finger-guessing game
        Tàiquán, Muay Thai - "Thai fist" - Martial Art
        quántouchǎnpǐn, [拳頭產品], competitive product/superior goods/with real punch

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