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Word: freq index 13797
Character: radical , 12 strokes, freq index 3078
[攬] lǎn to monopolize
to seize
to take into one's arms
to embrace
to fasten (with a rope etc)
to take on (responsibility etc)
to canvass

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        lǎn, [攬], to monopolize/to seize/to take into one's arms/to embrace/to fasten (with a rope...
        zhāolǎn, [招攬], to attract (customers)/to drum up (trade)
        yīlǎnzi, [一攬子], all-inclusive/undiscriminating
        bāolǎn, [包攬], to monopolize/to take on responsibility over everything/to undertake the whole t...
        dúlǎn, [獨攬], to monopolize
        dàbāodàlǎn, [大包大攬], to take complete charge (idiom)
        yánlǎn, [延攬], to recruit talent/to round up/to enlist the services of sb
        shōulǎn, [收攬], to win the support of/to get over to one's side/to keep control of
        zǒnglǎn, [總攬], to assume full responsibility/to be in full control/to monopolize

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