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Word: freq index 18114
Character: radical , 15 strokes, freq index 3657
liāo to lift up (sth hanging down)
to raise (hem of skirt)
to pull up (sleeve)
to sprinkle (water with cupped hands)
liáo to tease
to provoke
to stir up (emotions)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        liāo/liáo, to lift up (sth hanging down)/to raise (hem of skirt)/to pull up (sleeve)/to spr...
        liāokai, [撩開], to push aside (clothing, curtain etc) to reveal something/to toss aside
        liáobō, [撩撥], to provoke/to tease
        liáoluàn, [撩亂], variant of 繚亂|缭乱[liáo luàn]

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