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Word: freq index 9570
HSK 6 character: radical , 19 strokes, freq index 2680
pān to climb (by pulling oneself up)
to implicate
to claim connections of higher status

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        pān, to climb (by pulling oneself up)/to implicate/to claim connections of higher sta...
        pāndēng, to climb/to pull oneself up/to clamber/to scale/fig. to forge ahead in the face ...
        pānshēng, to clamber up/(of prices etc) to rise
        gāopān, social climbing/to claim connections with people in higher social class
        gāobùkěpān, too high to reach (idiom); eminent and unapproachable
        pānyuè, to climb over/to get over (difficulties)/to scale/to surmount
        pānfù, to climb (of climbing plants)/to creep/to cling on to/fig. to seek connection (w...
        pāntán, [攀談], to chat
        pānbǐ, to make invidious comparisons/to compete with/to emulate
        pānyuán, to climb up (a rope etc)/climbing (plant)
        pānqīn, [攀親], to seek to profit by family ties

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