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HSK 4 word: freq index 399
HSK 4 character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 617
gǎn to dare
(polite) may I venture

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        gǎn, to dare/daring/(polite) may I venture
        yǒnggǎn, brave/courageous
        jìnggǎn, to have the impertinence/to have the cheek to
        dǎngǎn, [膽敢], to dare (negative connotation)/to have the audacity to (do sth)
        gǎnyú, [敢於], to have the courage to do sth/to dare to/bold in
        gǎnsǐduì, [敢死隊], suicide squad/kamikaze unit
        gǎnqing, actually/as it turns out/indeed/of course
        bùgǎndāng, [不敢當], lit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise/you flatter...
        guǒgǎn, courageous/resolute and daring
        gǎnzuògǎnwéi, [敢作敢為], to stop at nothing (idiom)/to dare to do anything
        gǎnwéirénxiān, [敢為人先], to dare to be first/to pioneer (idiom)

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