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[曾孫] zēngsūn great-grandson

Character Composition

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        céngjīng, [曾經], once/already/former/previously/ever/(past tense marker used before verb or claus...
        Zēng/céng/zēng, surname Zeng, once/already/ever (in the past)/former/previously/(past tense mark...
        bùcéng, never (have done sth)
        wèicéng, never before
        zēngzǔfù, father's father's father/paternal great-grandfather
        sìcéngxiāngshí, [似曾相識], déjà vu (the experience of seeing exactly the same situation a second time)/seem...
        céngjǐhéshí, [曾幾何時], just a while before/not so long ago/everyone can remember when..
        zēngzǔmǔ, father's father's mother/paternal great-grandmother
        zēngsūn, [曾孫], great-grandson
        zēngzǔ, great-grandfather (father of one's paternal grandfather)
        céngjīngcānghǎi, [曾經滄海], lit. having crossed the vast ocean (idiom)/fig. widely experienced in the viciss...

        Sūnzǐ/sūnzi, [孫子], Sun Tzu, also known as Sun Wu 孫武|孙武[Sūn Wǔ] (c. 500 BC, dates of birth and death...
        sūnnǚ, [孫女], son's daughter/granddaughter
        Sūn/sūn, [孫], surname Sun, grandson/descendant
        wàisūn, [外孫], daughter's son/grandson/descendant via the female line
        zǐsūn, [子孫], offspring/posterity
        wàisūnnǚ, [外孫女], daughter's daughter/granddaughter
        érsūn, [兒孫], descendant
        zēngsūn, [曾孫], great-grandson
        Wūsūnguó, [烏孫國], Wusun kingdom of central Asia (c. 300 BC-300 AD)
        SūnWùkōng, [孫悟空], Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Jou...
        zǐzǐsūnsūn, [子子孫孫], one's posterity
        Sūndàshèng, [孫大聖], Great-Sage Sun/Sun Wukong 孫悟空|孙悟空[Sūn Wù kōng]
        wàisūnzi, [外孫子], (coll.) daughter's son/grandson
        zhísūn, [姪孫], grandnephew
        Zhǎngsūn/zhǎngsūn, [長孫], two-character surname Zhangsun, eldest grandson/the eldest son of one's eldest s...
        míngluòsūnshān, [名落孫山], (idiom) to fail in imperial exam
        Yàmǎsūn, [亞馬孫], Amazon
        YàmǎsūnHé, [亞馬孫河], Amazon River
        zhísūnnǚ, [姪孫女], grand niece
婿         sūnnǚxu, [孫女婿], son's daughter's husband/granddaughter's husband
        xuánsūn, [玄孫], great-great-grandson
        SūnBìn, [孫臏], Sun Bin (-316 BC), political strategist of the School of Diplomacy 縱橫家|纵横家[Zòng ...

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