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Word: freq index 5567
HSK 6 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 2032
Piáo surname Piao
Korean surname 박 (Park, Pak, or Bak)
also pr. [Pú]
Celtis sinensis var. japonica
[樸] plain and simple
Taiwan pr. [pú]

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Piáo/pò/pǔ, [樸], surname Piao/Korean surname 박 (Park, Pak, or Bak)/also pr. [Pú], Celtis sinensis...
        pǔsù, [樸素], plain and simple/unadorned/simple living/not frivolous
        pǔshí, [樸實], plain/simple/guileless/down-to-earth/sincere and honest
        jiǎnpǔ, [簡樸], simple and unadorned/plain
        chúnpǔ, [淳樸], simple and honest/unsophisticated
        zhìpǔ, [質樸], simple/plain/unadorned/unaffected/unsophisticated/rustic/earthy
        chúnpǔ, [純樸], variant of 淳樸|淳朴[chún pǔ]
        PiáoZhèngxī, Park Chung-Hee (1917-1979), South Korean military man and dictator, president 19...
        gǔpǔ, [古樸], simple and unadorned (of art, architecture etc)
        Pǔcìmáosī, [樸次茅斯], Portsmouth, southern English seaport
        jiǎnpǔ, [儉朴], plain and unadorned/thrifty and simple

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