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Word: freq index 10469
Jiǎnpǔzhài Cambodia

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        Jiǎnpǔzhài, Cambodia
        qǐngjiǎn, [請柬], invitation card/written invitation
        Jiǎn/jiǎn, abbr. for 柬埔寨[Jiǎn pǔ zhài], Cambodia, card/note/letter/old variant of 揀|拣[jiǎn]

        Jiǎnpǔzhài, Cambodia
        bù/pǔ, port/wharf/pier, port/flat land next to a river or ocean

        Jiǎnpǔzhài, Cambodia
        shānzhài, fortified hill village/mountain stronghold (esp. of bandits)/(fig.) knockoff (go...
        ānyíngzhāzhài, [安營紮寨], to set up camp/Taiwan pr. [ān yíng zhá zhài]
        zhài, [砦], stronghold/stockade/camp/(stockaded) village, variant of 寨[zhài]
        biānzhài, [邊寨], frontier stockade
        cūnzhài, (stockaded) village
        yíngzhài, [營寨], barracks

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