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Word: freq index 69398
yīnyīn earnest
ardent (hope etc)

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        xiànyīnqín, [獻殷勤], to be particularly attentive to (an attractive young lady or man etc)/to fawn up...
        yīnqín, politely/solicitously/eagerly attentive
        Yīn/yān/yīn/yǐn, surname Yin/dynasty name at the end the Shang dynasty, after their move to Yinxu...
        yīnqiè, ardent/eager/earnest
        yīnshí, [殷實], thriving/well-off/substantial
        yīnyīn, earnest/ardent (hope etc)
        yānhóng, [殷紅], dark red

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