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Word: freq index 15712
HSK 5 character: radical , 11 strokes, freq index 1017
háo hair
drawing brush
(in the) least
one thousandth
currency unit, 0.1 yuan

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        háowú, [毫無], not in the least/to completely lack
        háowúyíwèn, [毫無疑問], certainty/without a doubt
        háobù, hardly/not in the least/not at all
        sīháo, [絲毫], the slightest amount or degree/a bit
        háomǐ, millimeter
        háobùyóuyù, [毫不猶豫], without the slightest hesitation
        háoshēng, milliliter
        háokè, milligram
        háofà, [毫髮], a hair/the slightest
        háo, hair/drawing brush/(in the) least/one thousandth/currency unit, 0.1 yuan
        háobùliúqíng, to show no quarter/ruthless/relentless
        háobùfèilì, [毫不費力], effortless/not expending the slightest effort
        háomáo, hair/soft hair/down
        fēnháo, fraction/slightest difference/hairsbreadth
        háobùchíyí, [毫不遲疑], without the slightest hesitation
        yīsīyīháo, [一絲一毫], one thread, one hair (idiom); a tiny bit/an iota
        háomiǎo, millisecond, ms
        háobùkèqi, [毫不客氣], no trace of politeness/unrestrained (criticism)
        míngcháqiūháo, lit. seeing clearly the downy feathers of autumn (idiom, from Mencius)/fig. perc...
        háomǐbō, millimeter wave (radio signal)
        háoān, milliampere
        huīháo, [揮毫], to write or draw with a brush/to put pen to paper/to write
        qiūháowúfàn, [秋毫無犯], (idiom) (of soldiers) highly disciplined, not committing the slightest offence a...

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