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Word: freq index 3993
HSK 5 character: radical , 9 strokes, freq index 842
[測] to survey
to measure
to conjecture

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        cèshì, [測試], to test (machinery etc)/to test (students)/test/quiz/exam/beta (software)
        jiǎncè, [檢測], to detect/to test/detection/sensing
        cè, [測], to survey/to measure/to conjecture
        yùcè, [預測], to forecast/to predict
        cāicè, [猜測], to guess/to conjecture/to surmise
        tuīcè, [推測], speculation/to conjecture/to surmise/to speculate
        cèyàn, [測驗], test/to test/CL:次[cì],個|个[gè]
        cèliáng, [測量], survey/to measure/to gauge/to determine
        tàncèqì, [探測器], detector/probe/craft
        tàncè, [探測], to probe/to take readings/to explore/exploration
        bùcè, [不測], unexpected/measureless/unexpected circumstance/contingency/mishap
        jiāncè, [監測], to monitor
        guāncè, [觀測], to observe/to survey/observation (scientific etc)
        cèdìng, [測定], to survey and evaluate
        kāncè, [勘測], to investigate/to survey
        chuǎicè, [揣測], to guess/to conjecture
        mínyìcèyàn, [民意測驗], opinion poll
        jiǎncèqì, [檢測器], detector
        cèsuàn, [測算], to take measurements and calculate
        cèpíng, [測評], to test and evaluate
        yìcè, [臆測], assumption/guess
        biànhuànmòcè, [變幻莫測], to change unpredictably/unpredictable/erratic/treacherous
        mùcè, [目測], to estimate visually/to gauge/visual assessment
        shēnbùkěcè, [深不可測], deep and unmeasurable (idiom); unfathomable depths/incomprehensible/enigmatic an...
        jūxīnpǒcè, [居心叵測], harboring unfathomable motives (idiom)
        gūcè, [估測], estimate
        cèhuì, [測繪], to survey and draw/to map
        biànhuàmòcè, [變化莫測], unpredictable/changeable
        yáocè, [遙測], telemetry
        gāoshēnmòcè, [高深莫測], profound mystery
        mòcègāoshēn, [莫測高深], enigmatic/beyond one's depth/unfathomable
        shícè, [實測], to take measurements/measured (speed etc)/observed (as opposed to "estimated")/o...
        guāncèyuán, [觀測員], observer/spotter
        cèdù/cèduó, [測度], measure (math.), to estimate/to conjecture

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