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[渾濁] húnzhuó muddy

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        húnshēn, [渾身], all over/from head to foot
        hún, [渾], muddy/to mix
        húndàn, [渾蛋], variant of 混蛋[hún dàn]
        húnhúnèè, [渾渾噩噩], muddleheaded
        húnzhuó, [渾濁], muddy/turbid
        húnshuǐmōyú, [渾水摸魚], to fish in troubled water (idiom); to take advantage of a crisis for personal ga...
        húnhòu, [渾厚], simple and honest/unsophisticated/(music etc) deep and resounding
        húnránbùzhī, [渾然不知], to be totally oblivious (to sth)/to have no idea about sth
        húnrán, [渾然], completely/absolutely/undivided/totally mixed up/muddled
        húnyuán, [渾圓], perfectly round/(fig.) accommodating/considerate/smooth (way of doing things)
        húnrántiānchéng, [渾然天成], to resemble nature itself/of the highest quality (idiom)
        húnrányītǐ, [渾然一體], to blend into one another/to blend together well

        wūzhuó, [污濁], dirty/muddy/foul (sewer)
        húnzhuó, [渾濁], muddy/turbid
        hùnzhuó, [混濁], turbid/muddy/dirty
        zhuó, [濁], turbid/muddy/impure
        zhuóyīn, [濁音], (phonetics) voiced sound/sonant

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