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[涉獵] shèliè to skim (through a book)
to read cursorily
to dip into

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        shèjí, to involve/to touch upon (a topic)
        gānshè, to interfere/to meddle/interference
        qiānshè, [牽涉], to involve/implicated
        shèxián, to be a suspect (in a crime)/to be suspected of
        jiāoshè, to negotiate (with)/to have dealings (with)
        shèzú, to set foot in/to step into/to become involved for the first time
        shè, to wade/to be involved/to concern/to experience/to enter (classical)
        chángtúbáshè, [長途跋涉], long and difficult trek
        báshè, to trudge/to trek
        shèàn, (of a perpetrator, victim, weapon, sum of money etc) to be involved in the case
        shèxiǎn, [涉險], to take risks/involved in adventure
        shèliè, [涉獵], to skim (through a book)/to read cursorily/to dip into
        báshānshèshuǐ, to travel over land and water (idiom)
        shèwài, concerning foreigners or foreign affairs

        lièrén, [獵人], hunter
        liè, [獵], hunting
        dǎliè, [打獵], to go hunting
        lièwù, [獵物], prey
        shòuliè, [狩獵], to hunt/hunting
        lièquǎn, [獵犬], hound/hunting dog
        lièshā, [獵殺], to kill (in hunting)
        lièqiāng, [獵槍], hunting gun/shotgun
        lièshǒu, [獵手], hunter
        Lièhùzuò, [獵戶座], Orion (constellation)
        lièyīng, [獵鷹], falcon
        liègǒu, [獵狗], hunting dog
        bǔliè, [捕獵], hunting
        lièbào, [獵豹], cheetah
        tōuliè, [偷獵], to poach
        lièqǔ, [獵取], to hunt/(fig.) to seek (fame etc)
        lièqí, [獵奇], to hunt for novelty/to seek novelty
        tōulièzhě, [偷獵者], poacher
        lièdāo, [獵刀], hunting knife
        lièbǔ, [獵捕], to hunt/hunting
        shèliè, [涉獵], to skim (through a book)/to read cursorily/to dip into
        yúliè, [漁獵], fishing and hunting/fig. to loot/to plunder

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