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yǒngquán gushing spring

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        yǒng, [湧], to bubble up/to rush forth, to bubble up/to rush forth
        xiōngyǒng, [洶湧], to surge up violently (of ocean, river, lake etc)/turbulent
        yǒngxiàn, [涌現]/[湧現], variant of 湧現|涌现, to emerge in large numbers/to spring up/to emerge prominently,...
        pēnyǒng, [噴涌], to bubble out/to squirt
        quányǒng, [泉湧], to gush
        yǒngquán, gushing spring
        yǒngqǐ, to well up/to boil out/to bubble forth/to spurt
        fēngqǐyúnyǒng, [風起雲湧], lit. rising winds, scudding clouds (idiom); turbulent times/violent development

        Wēnquán/wēnquán, [溫泉], Arishang Nahiyisi or Wenquan county in Börtala Mongol autonomous prefecture 博爾塔拉...
        pēnquán, [噴泉], fountain
        quán, spring (small stream)/mouth of a spring/coin (archaic)
        yuánquán, fountainhead/well-spring/water source/fig. origin
        kuàngquánshuǐ, [礦泉水], mineral spring water/CL:瓶[píng],杯[bēi]
        quánshuǐ, spring water/CL:股[gǔ]
        Huángquán, [黃泉], the Yellow Springs/the underworld of Chinese mythology/the equivalent of Hades o...
        Xiǎoquán, Koizumi (name)/KOIZUMI Jun'ichirō, Japanese LDP politician, prime minister 2001-...
        kuàngquán, [礦泉], mineral spring
        quányuán, springhead/fountainhead/(fig.) source
        quányǒng, [泉湧], to gush
        qīngquán, clear spring
        Gānquán, Ganquan county in Yan'an 延安[Yán ān], Shaanxi
        yǒngquán, gushing spring
        quányǎn, mouth of a spring or fountain
        jiǔquán, the nine springs/the underworld of Chinese mythology/Hades
        Jiǔquán, Jiuquan prefecture level city in Gansu
        Shíquán, Shiquan County in Ankang 安康[Ān kāng], Shaanxi

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