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Word: freq index 15500
Character: radical , 13 strokes, freq index 2666
to overflow
(literary) excessive
old variant of 鎰

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        cáihuáhéngyì, [才華橫溢], brimming over with talent (esp. literary)/brilliant
        yì, to overflow/(literary) excessive/old variant of 鎰|镒[yì]
        yángyì, brimming with/steeped in
        yìchū, to overflow/to spill over/(computing) overflow
        yìměizhīcí, [溢美之詞], flattering words/inflated praise
        nǎoyìxuè, [腦溢血], cerebral hemorrhage/stroke
        rèqíngyángyì, [熱情洋溢], brimming with enthusiasm (idiom); full of warmth
        yìyúyánbiǎo, [溢於言表], to exhibit one's feelings in one's speech
        liúguāngyìcǎi, lit. flowing light and overflowing color/brilliant lights and vibrant colors (id...
        héngyì, [橫溢], to overflow/brimming with
        chōngyì, to overflow (with riches)/replete

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