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Word: freq index 9046
HSK 1 character: radical , 14 strokes, freq index 562
piāo to float
to drift
piǎo to bleach
piào elegant

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        piàoliang, pretty/beautiful
        piāo/piǎo/piào, to float/to drift, to bleach, elegant/polished
        piāofú, to float/to hover/to drift (also fig., to lead a wandering life)/to rove/showy/s...
        piāoliú, to float on the current/to drift along or about/rafting
        piāoyí, to drift
        piǎobái, to bleach/to whiten
        piǎobáijì, [漂白劑], bleach
        piāobó, to drift (in the tide)/to rove/to lead a wandering existence/drifter/wanderer
        piǎoxǐ, to rinse (clothes)

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