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Word: freq index 4309
HSK 5 character: radical , 6 strokes, freq index 890
[狀] zhuàng accusation

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        zhuàngtài, [狀態], state of affairs/state/mode/situation/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhuàngkuàng, [狀況], condition/state/situation/CL:個|个[gè]
        zhèngzhuàng, [症狀], symptom (of an illness)
        zhuàng, [狀], accusation/suit/state/condition/strong/great/-shaped
        xíngzhuàng, [形狀], form/shape/CL:個|个[gè]
        xiànzhuàng, [現狀], current situation
        yuánzhuàng, [原狀], previous condition/original state
        jiǎzhuàngxiàn, [甲狀腺], thyroid gland
        gàozhuàng, [告狀], to tell on sb/to complain (to a teacher, a superior etc)/to bring a lawsuit
        sùzhuàng, [訴狀], indictment/plea/complaint
        jǐnjízhuàngtài, [緊急狀態], state of emergency
        guānzhuàngdòngmài, [冠狀動脈], coronary artery
        zuìzhuàng, [罪狀], charges or facts about a crime/the nature of the offense
        jiǎngzhuàng, [獎狀], prize certificate/certificate of merit
        cǎnzhuàng, [慘狀], devastation/miserable condition
        qiúzhuàng, [球狀], sphere
        qíxíngguàizhuàng, [奇形怪狀], fantastic oddities of every description (idiom); grotesquely shaped
        huánzhuàng, [環狀], annular/toroidal/loop-shaped/ring-like
        zhuànggào, [狀告], to sue/to take to court/to file a lawsuit
        zhuàngyuán, [狀元], top scorer in the palace examination (highest rank of the Imperial examination s...
        ānyúxiànzhuàng, [安於現狀], to take things as they are (idiom)/to leave a situation as it is/to be happy wit...
        kuàizhuàng, [塊狀], lump
        yìzhuàng, [異狀], unusual condition/something odd/strange shape
        bìngzhuàng, [病狀], symptom (of a disease)
        jiǎzhuàngxiànsù, [甲狀腺素], thyroid hormone/thyroxine (used to treat underactive thyroid)
        gòngzhuàng, [供狀], written confession
        yǐzhuàngjiécháng, [乙狀結腸], sigmoid colon (anatomy)/bent colon, linking the descending colon to the rectum
        jīngzhuàngtǐ, [晶狀體], lens/crystalline lens
        jīngkǒngwànzhuàng, [驚恐萬狀], convulsed with fear (idiom)
        qíngzhuàng, [情狀], situation/circumstances
        jūnlìngzhuàng, [軍令狀], military order
        céngzhuàng, [層狀], stratified/bedded (geology)
        xìngzhuàng, [性狀], nature (i.e. properties of sth)/character
        jiézhuàngtǐ, [睫狀體], ciliary body (in the eye, containing the focusing muscles)
        bùkěmíngzhuàng, [不可名狀], indescribable/beyond description
        jiànzhuàng, [見狀], upon seeing this, .../in response, ...

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