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Word: freq index 22693
dīngshāo to follow sb
to tail
to shadow

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dīng, to watch attentively/to fix one's attention on/to stare at/to gaze at
        dīngzhù, to watch sb closely/to breathe down sb's neck/to mark (sports)
        dīngshāo, to follow sb/to tail/to shadow

        dīngshāo, to follow sb/to tail/to shadow
        mòshāo, tip/end/last few days
        shāo, tip of branch
        shùshāo, [樹梢], the tip of a tree/treetop
        fàshāo, [髮梢], hair ends
        méishāo, tip of brow
        mòshāoshénjīng, [末梢神經], peripheral nerve

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