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Word: freq index 24333
ǎipàng short and stout

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        ǎi, low/short (in length)
        ǎizi, short person/dwarf
        ǎixiǎo, short and small/low and small/undersized
        ǎipàng, short and stout/dumpy/roly-poly
        báiǎixīng, white dwarf
        ǎigèr, [矮個兒], a person of short stature/a short person
        dīǎi, short/low

        pán/pàng, healthy/at ease, fat/plump
        pàngzi, fat person/fatty
        féipàng, fat/obese
        fāpàng, [發胖], to put on weight/to get fat
        ǎipàng, short and stout/dumpy/roly-poly
        pànghūhū, chubby
        pàngdūdū, plump/pudgy/chubby
        féipàngzhèng, obesity
        pàngdūndūn, short and stout/heavy-set

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