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[禿鷹] tūyīng condor
bald eagle

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        tūtóu, [禿頭], baldness
        tūdǐng, [禿頂], bald head
        tūzi, [禿子], bald-headed person/baldy
        tū, [禿], bald/blunt
        tūyīng, [禿鷹], condor/bald eagle
        tūjiù, [禿鷲], vulture/(bird species of China) cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus)
        guāngtūtū, [光禿禿], bald/bare

        yīng, [鷹], eagle/falcon/hawk
        lǎoyīng, [老鷹], (coll.) eagle/hawk/any similar bird of prey
        māotóuyīng, [貓頭鷹], owl
        lièyīng, [獵鷹], falcon
        tūyīng, [禿鷹], condor/bald eagle
        xióngyīng, [雄鷹], male eagle/tercel (male falcon used in falconry)
        yèyīng, [夜鷹], nightjar (nocturnal bird in the family Caprimulgidae)
        fēiyīng, [飛鷹], eagle
        cāngyīng, [蒼鷹], (bird species of China) northern goshawk (Accipiter gentilis)
        yīngquǎn, [鷹犬], hawks and hounds/(fig.) running dogs/hired thugs
        yúyīng, [魚鷹], name used for many fishing birds/cormorant/osprey
        Tiānyīngzuò, [天鷹座], Aquila (constellation)
        báitóuyīng, [白頭鷹], bald eagle

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