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dàosuì rice ear

Character Composition

Character Compounds

Word Compounds

        dàocǎo, rice straw
        dàocǎorén, scarecrow
        dàotián, paddy field/rice paddy
        dàomǐ, rice (crop)
        dào, paddy/rice (Oryza sativa)
        dàogǔ, [稻穀], rice crops
        shuǐdào, rice/paddy/CL:株[zhū]
        dàosuì, rice ear
        zǎodào, early season rice/rice at transplanting or still unripe
        dàozi, rice (crop)/unhulled rice

        Suì/suì, abbr. for Guangzhou 廣州|广州[Guǎng zhōu], ear of grain/fringe/tassel
        màisuì, [麥穗], ear of wheat
        dàosuì, rice ear

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